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I have always loved Russian propaganda posters. I find them not only poignant but quite humorous. Consider the fat capitalist factory owner in the last poster. He is bright red-nosed because he probably drinks too much whiskey or bourbon; he’s dressed like an Englishman, sitting on his oversized, over-fed, over-indulged behind, sweating and squealing like a pig. His round, chubby hand is outstretched weakly, trying to stop this unstoppable onslaught of powerful communist women. WOW!
I absolutely love posters! It's wonderful to see women represented in posters in a non-sexual way. Completely opposite of what we are bombarded by today. Politics through art is extremely important because it is more accessible and inclusive.
Emancipated Women: Build up Socialism! - I loved reading about the propganda in Communist Russia and how they depicted women as such strong political figures. Making an effort to truly express that in order for socialism or communism to work, women and men have to be treated as equals socially and politically. There was even a poster about a woman tractor driver even though there weren't many women tractor drivers in Russia. It was simply promoting the possibility and opportunity being as equal for a woman as for a man. This relates to the article by Falk about the detrimental dammage in the press when we always refer to women candidates as being the 'first' and if we are ready for this new change. Rather, Russia treated the new idea of a woman tractor driver or politian being just as acceptable as a man.

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